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I like to talk- and I love an audience-


Lectures and inspirational talks

Over the past 10 years or so I have been invited to talk and partake in panels on a wide variety of topics. I usually get the most excited about topics that relate to the work I´m doing at the moment; be it landscape design with bio-fuels, investigations of abandoned buildings and rural shacks or the challenge of living in a world that seems forever on the brink of environmental collapse. I am open to suggestions.



Since 2002, I have been conducting workshops at Forsbergs Skola, hothouse for graphic designers and budding copywriters. The format is usually a 2-week session, where the students are given an assignment to solve in solo efforts or in small groups. A series of lectures / talks (see above) provide theoretical and practical backdrop to the course; with invited guest lecturers to provide a broader perspective. 

Samples of workshops:

Luftrum / investigating the upper boundaries of public / private space in urban areas

Rituals- from the mundane to the cultish

Make your own religion

The green dictatorship

Rågsved Rocks- remake of a hood with a bad rep

Selection of guest lecturers / critics: Vendela Fredricsson, Jesper Wachtmeister, Dougald Hine, Angela of Hjärta & Smärta, Karin Filip & Erik Berndtsson, Andreas Palme, AKAY