Meanwhile, I see this little lady walk along the fence. She slows down, stops, then takes a few steps back and looks at my text. She spots me through the chain link and makes her way over. Is this your work? she asks.
Yes it is.
It´s the most amazing thing I´ve seen all week. 
Why, thank you ma´m. That´s very nice to hear.
You sure it´s your work? I would´t want you to take credit for something you didn´t do. She leans over and peeks into the milk crate at the back of my bike. It is loaded with stacks of plastic cups.
I guess it is yours alright
What does it mean? What are you sorry about?
It´s about my relationship to nature
Ok. I see. There is one small hitch here.
What´s that?
You are basically littering
I know
I still like it though