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Patrik Qvist <>

Sun, Nov 4, 9:06 AM

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Open Call to participate in
tête-à-tête tête-à-tête tête-à-tête tête-à-tête tête-à-tête
On Tuesday the midterm elections will be held in the US. Please join me in an act of civil disobedience aimed at the repressive politics of America and the rest of the world. I know it is a big ask and quite a leap of faith, but we live in times beyond the pale.
What To Do:
Time:Tomorrow, on Monday at 6pm Swedish time (12 noon NYC, 5 pm London, UK , 10 am Los Angeles etc)
Place: Public space in your vicinity- a sidewalk, a plaza, a shopping center or a park 
Preparations: Find direction to White House from where you are. Draw a straight line on the ground pointing towards Washington DC.
Choreography: Lay down on the ground with your head pointing towards White house. Breathe. Relax. Feel how the ground meets your body. Right so. Close your eyes. Stay. Listen. Breathe. Stay as long as you like. 
Thank you 
The idea for this piece came about in conversation with Andrew Wass who suggested the gathering of energies for this particular purpose.
Please do share!

photos: Karin Arnberg