Rituals / re-enchantments 2013- present


“Magic rites justify themselves by success; when they fail to produce their proper emotional results, the performer feels that he has been betrayed into making a fool of himself” (Huxley; Eyeless in Gaza) 


The rituals are attempts at negotiating a territory of increasing unfimiliarity; a world on the cusp.  I infuse midsummer with a resalting of  the Baltic. I give the New Year a meaningful beginning by going to a tree-lined alley,bringing some of my favourite things: A sack, ropes, sticks-.  A windfell pine is sought out for shelter on All Hallow´s Eve.  Raking up leaves on Walpurgis night into a pile to disappear into; have the wind blow it all away.

Vernal equinox 2015

Ladder walk at the vernal equinox, Sveavägen, Stockholm from periphery to center 5 hours on March 20th. Photo:AKAY