Collapse / Sunsets to expect

exhibitions at Örnsköldsviks Museum och Konsthall and SPG Gallery, Stockholm

Oct- Dec 2013

The Donau is flooding the plains. It all went to hell in Hungary today. A red poison seeping into the soil; something about a bust reserrvoir further upstream. Note, Oct 10th 2010


Natural disasters and environmental catastrophies- the work presented in the Collapse / Sunsets to expect shows dealt with the increasingly indistinct line between natural and man-made events. A log of clippings from the news outlined daily events of environmental plight over the course of 2 years (2011-2013); some of the works featured in the shows were directly linked to a specific event; others dealt with the issues in a more general way. The exhibition at SPG Gallery became a venue for a public discussion with the title" Strategies for dealing with a world forever on the verge of collapse (It ́s not the end of the world– it just feels that way) " with invited guests Birgitta Elfström of the National Heritage Board, Ottar Gyllenskiöld and Dougald Hine of Dark Mountain Project.



Cathedral 2013

installation view, Ö-vik Konsthall mixed media, approx 8 x 4 x 2 m