Collapse / Sunsets to expect

exhibitions at Örnsköldsviks Museum och Konsthall and SPG Gallery, Stockholm

Oct- Dec 2013

The Donau is flooding the plains. It all went to hell in Hungary today. A red poison seeping into the soil; something about a bust reserrvoir further upstream. Note, Oct 10th 2010


Natural disasters and environmental catastrophies- the work presented in the Collapse / Sunsets to expect shows dealt with the increasingly indistinct line between natural and man-made events. A log of clippings from the news outlined daily events of environmental plight over the course of 2 years (2011-2013); some of the works featured in the shows were directly linked to a specific event; others dealt with the issues in a more general way. The exhibition at SPG Gallery became a venue for a public discussion with the title" Strategies for dealing with a world forever on the verge of collapse (It ́s not the end of the world– it just feels that way) " with invited guests Birgitta Elfström of the National Heritage Board, Ottar Gyllenskiöld and Dougald Hine of Dark Mountain Project.



End of Democracy 2013

installation view, SPG Gallery wood and steel, 80 x 130 x 175 cm