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Chacun Activiste /Everyone an Activist

participatory project for Les Marolles, Brussels 2017- 2018

Patrik Qvist with ifa laboratories


Everyone an Activist is a participatory  project that explores feelings and opinions about

climate change and environmental issues. The aim of the project is to spark dialogue about

environmental issues in the demographically and culturally diverse neighborhood of Les Marolles and to bring people from different walks of life together.


Everyone an Activist was set up as a nomadic photo studio in five different locations in the Les Marolles area. The locations were chosen to engage an array participants of diverse cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds. The interactions were informal and open ended

and led to hundreds of conversations about issues that were of immediate concern in the neighborhood. 

The material- some 300 portraits of the participants- was exhibited at the Centre Cultural de Bruegel in March 2018.